CAD Oklahoma is a material placement service serving Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and have preformed jobs in Montana and Idaho. Our service goes by many names: stone slinger, rock shooter, stone spreader, conveyor machine, telebelt, the list goes on, but most people just call it a slinger. Whatever you call it, the machine can place a large variety of material quickly saving you time and money. We have regularly cut days and sometimes weeks out of projects with our services. The On-Site Placer can place topsoil, sand, compost, mulch, bark, gravel, crushed rock, round rock, screened material up to 6 inches. Some of our services include placing material for slab preparation, trench bedding, retaining wall backfill, fuel tank bedding, pond liner and leaks, driveway gravel, and landscape material placement. The On-Site Placer can be loaded on site with a skid steer or backhoe. We can throw material up to 140 feet and can place in excess of 200 tons an hour. The On-Site Placer is fully radio remote operated for quick, precise material application. The slinger gets material placed quickly and safely. We guarantee that we will save you money. 

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Oklahoma's Premier Material Placement Company.

This is a video showing our services in action if you would like to see videos of residential, commercial, fuel tanks, or other jobs please go to our services page